Electrode Semi-Flotation Catheter(No Balloon) – Series 600


The Electrode Catheter is designed for temporary transmission of Electrical impulses for the purpose of endocardial recording or stimulation. The catheter consists of a radiopaque polyurethane tubing with two lumens which encapsulates a braided wire core for optimum torque. The catheter has stainless steel electrodes. Electrodes terminate proximally with 2 cm pin connectors.


The product shall be supplied in a unit package, sterile, and pyrogen free. It shall consist of thermo-formed tray designed to retain the catheter while maintaining a radius at the tip.

Catheters Length Marking:

Each catheter has clear, easy to identify increment markings every 10 cm along catheter body.

electrode_semifloating_catheter no balloon catheter electrode_semifloating_catheter catheter description and specifications